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 F.A.Q, Extra Information
Race: Birb
Age: 90000
Job: Overlord
Series: Lyfe
OOC: Durst - CST - Offline

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    Names Of -
    Auallonia is the name of the world, while the city's name is Salutem.

    Technology Level
    A modern fantasy world. Computers, cars, etc.

    The currency in this world is known as Aer. It comes in coin and paper form and can also be kept in banks and used on cards.

    Drinking Age

    Character being 'Registered' or 'Unregistered'
    Reading our plot you will likely notice it mentions characters needing to be registered. While new arrivals have a few days to complete this process it is essentially an ID for them in this world adding them to the database. To help the council, police, doctors, etc. Registering would likely call for a Name, date of birth, and small details about their previous world. Of course people can lie, and people can choose not to be registered. This is your choice as the player of that character and could be used as a plot device! This also means that character getting caught would have consequences!

    Faceclaims for a anime/game character?
    For the most part no. Faces for book characters are fine.

    Yes you will run into spoilers here.

    Applying for more characters: Your previous character needs five in-character posts before you can create another, and you must actively be using your other characters.

    More on Activity
    You can ask for the return of characters and threads with staff's discretion. If you lose several characters in an AC the staff reserve the right to limit the characters you may have returned to you. The staff also reserve the right to deny you any more characters if your activity has been poor.

    Characters that have been lost may only be reclaimed up to three times.

    Mini Profile
    Filling out your mini profile is mandatory. Claims will not be accepted until the required information is filled in the mini profiles. You have three days after approval.

    Rapidfire Roleplays
    The only real rules behind these are; 1. They can't be your only threads. And 2. only one rapid-fire thread can be used in the Activity check for that character.

    Plotters and Trackers
    While plotters and trackers are not mandatory, but they will help. Plotters are one character per thread and Trackers are one player per thread.

    Character Groups?
    The idea is to choose the group that describes your character the MOST.

    Different Versions of Characters
    There will only be one version Peter Parker/Spider Man allowed. Other characters who are based on the same character but are completely different 'characters' will likely allow both.

    Banned Characters?
    Your character has to be from a series with a set universe and canon. Documentary or real life people. Vague background NPC. Strictly 'entity' characters, parodies, purely comedic vulgar series, and porn-based. Many non-human characters who cannot speak are not allowed.

    Banned Cont. Case-by-case Characters
    We will be as unbiased as possible but when allowing character choices onto the site. Characters we, as a whole , agree as being difficult to socialize, interact with, take seriously to some degree, or will likely make other people uncomfortable, will not be allowed.

    Canon character NPCs?
    Need-only. Examples of characters with expected NPCs are those who cannot live or communicate without the other, share bodies, or is considered more of a pet. IE. Ash would have his pokemon and Pikachu, Link would have his companion.

    How does one character perceive another?
    Each character simply sees the other as they normally would in their own world.

    Years spend here, and ageing?
    We will allow most people to choose how long they have been in this world. Though this also means ageing up a character, we more or less runs real-world time. Human characters we typically wouldn't allow any more than two-three years. Non human characters are allowed to have been here longer.

    The use of NPCs?
    Yes you are allowed to NPC random people around the city.

    Characters Powers
    We ask in the application that you try to explain and balance out your powers and weaknesses. For plot value it is very likely characters brought to this world to have some all-powerful abilities weakened. Other abilities such as mind control or any form of manipulation can remain bu can only be used with the agreement of the fellow Rper. Just keep in mind int his world every character can die, try to weaken some of the more extreme abilities or add drawbacks or cool-downs.

    Canon Point
    Any characters taken from their intros or first episodes are most likely to be turned down because lack of development. Characters who have very in-dept detailed pasts, or prequel games, movies, novels, etc will likely be allowed. But in most cases you can choose whenever to take them.

    Canon Job Age Restrictions
    For Council or Salutem Guard Captain your character must be an adult. They must be over 21 otherwise. Preferably older (but this is not a requirement at this time.)

    Canon Job Groups Activity
    People who join main canon groups should try to post more often otherwise they will not receive any special perks from the groups. It would make sense for them to gain recognition among the citizens; both good and bad through RP. And if inactivity continues with only the minimum posts the staff will consider removing you and opening the position.

    A Fitting Personality
    Please give careful consideration to the character you are choosing to sign up for canon jobs and be reasonable.

    Hidden Identities
    Of course every character is free to separate their work from their personal lives if they wish to use some other name or something. On one hand however it would be a requirement for people's identities to be known to end up in a Guard or Council position. Of course off duty they may do as they wish.

    Know your character

    Know something about the character you are applying for. Do not just pick out a random Wiki character and apply for them because they seem or look cool. Knowing a base personality does not make up for actually knowing the series and the dept of that character. It is unfair to your canon mates as well as those who would play the character from their respective series. The staff will also be able to tell if you're faking it. While you not everyone has access to ALL material, knowing the base as far as watching/reading/playing goes it not difficult. We won't quiz you on every branching side story but know the series.

    Series Special - Fate/Series Servants

    Fate characters are allowed here despite their nature of being given physical form by the 'holy grail'. The grail does not exist in this world and characters are summoned by the deities. Though the changes are as follows. There can only be one version of each servant character (Unless its a rare case like Shiro's we might allow both.) And they must be chosen from a canon 'path or route' such as Stay Night, UBW, FGO, etc. as to cement their personality to that canon version. They are for the most part given their own bodies and no longer bound to most of the grail's rules such as needing a master or mana to survive (masters/pacts can still be made, perhaps as a remaining flaw or optional ability if you like, and 'servants' would likely be stronger the more mana they have as well. This isn't mandatory.) they will not fade away if they do not have a master. They are also no longer bound to one 'class' though should represent the one they were previously taken from, we could allow people to add some of their other classes bare bones abilities as long as they are also part of that person's 'original' abilities and weaknesses from their 'real life' lore if they like however these must be balanced. An example might be Artoria (Saber) being able to pick up on skills from her other possible classes (outside of alts unless corrupted in plot.) Though none would be as powerful as the class from when she is taken or the extent of her 'real life' abilities. IE; pick up a bow or sword and not be strictly limited to what a 'caster' class will allow but their original state. Balancing is key though. Feel free to focus only on a single class however.

    Filling Out Claims

    If you are already on our Directory and your characte's series and occupation is also already listed, all you need is the first code and to fill in the indicated fields. For example:

    Alias | Series | Job  <a href=link>character name</a><br>

    would look something like

    PointySquid | Spongebob Squarepants | Scientist <a href=https://auallonia.jcink.net>Sandy Cheeks</a><br>

    However, if you are not yet listed in our Directory, then you will need to fill out the second code for your first character but can use the first code after. The same goes for if your character comes from a new series that we have no other characters from yet. You will want to use the third code for that so long as the character is from a series that no one else is from at the time. If you need to use either the second or the third code then you can skip that part in the first code. For example, if Sandy Cheeks is PointySquid's second character and her job, scientist, is already on the job's list but no one else from Spongebob is on the site. Their claim would look like this:

    PointySquid |  Scientist <a href=https://auallonia.jcink.net>Sandy Cheeks</a>

    <h5>Spongebob Squarepants</h5>   <p class="n-a-claims"> <a href="https://auallonia.jcink.net">Sandy Cheeks</a><br>   </p>

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