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 Plot, Hiraeth's Story
Race: Birb
Age: 90000
Job: Overlord
Series: Lyfe
OOC: Durst - CST - Offline

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Welcome to Hiraeth

The plot

(n.) a homesickness for a home to which you cannot return, a home that maybe never was, the nostalgia, the yearning, the grief for the lost places of your past.

Dreariness and whispers followed by a consuming fog which pulls strangers into a new land: Auallonia. You find yourself in this world's capitol. Salutem, a massive modern utopia run by an enigmatic president and his esteemed Council. Acclaimed as a safe haven, its citizens are safeguarded by its brightly lit and endlessly burning spires. As one of these fortunate new inhabitants, you will quickly learn of these beacons of refuge which tirelessly ward off a deadly pollution manifested in anomalous storms across the Wilds known only as the 'miasma'. And a precious ore known as Zygonite; the only known resource that keeps them fueled. As for the deities that draw each person here, they seem to have their own plans for those willing to listen...

Additional Lore


Their goals and reasons for doing so are not known but the deities are the ones that draw in people from other worlds. Perhaps to simply repopulate a once dead planet. The deities themselves do not seem to mind if their chosen choose to accept them or not.

City Hierarchy & Rules

The city is governed by the elected President (NPC) and his Council. Immediately working under them in terms of protection of the city of Salutem are the appointed Guard Captains, then the soldiers of the Guard, and finally the law enforcement which maintains law and order. Like every city, the laws are often changing as the population grows and adapts, but the most noteworthy are:

1] Civilians must all be registered in the city's database. Citizen information is organized and stored based on the deity who brought them into this world and it is considered a serious offense to evade registration. Those who choose to live in Salutem illegally will be warned once if discovered by the authorities before being arrested and charged. All those imprisoned have the chance of being sent to work in the mines.

2] All denizens over the age of 18 must be employed. Self-employed work is fine but taxes are pulled from everyone to fund the city's growth. This is why many choose to work in the mines, take up mercenary work, act as an odd-jobber, or operate as a hunter of monsters and creatures.

3] Minors are offered the chance to get an education and can live in the boarding school until the age of 17.

Zygonite & The Mines

The ore in which is burned in the spires around the city to ward off the 'lost' and Miasma. It is a very important resource which must be mined from the earth in the wilds for fuel. The mines are a treacherous place and the work is difficult and grueling, but miners are always approved for work. Criminals are sometimes sent into the deeper levels of the mines as punishment while being closely monitored. Sometimes people are forced to work here through ...other means. The Zygonite crystals are also used in medications for treating those poisoned by the miasma.

The Miasma

While the city is protected from it by the Zygonite torches the rest of the world is often at its mercy. It appears at random in thick clouds anywhere in the wilds. While harmless in small amounts people have trouble traveling without smaller Zygnite torches or jewelry which can be very expensive and while they seem to stave off the Miasma, it is not a complete fix. Someone can survive about a week in the 'regular' Miasma before falling deathly ill and likely dying if not treated. Sometimes the Miasma lasts moments while other times it will settle into valleys and forests for days. Duration and intensity of exposure brings its own detriments, and it is often different from person-to-person. Nevertheless, signs of Miasma Sickness include: headaches, nausea, and bedridden sickness for typically several days. While staying for prolonged periods can lead to hospitalization with even worsening symptoms, most do not survive chronic or prolonged exposure.

The 'Lost'

Mysterious creatures created from exposure to the red miasma mists. Animal, human, or monster. They take various misshapen forms while still somewhat barely resembling what they once were. Unfortunately their minds no longer appear to be their own and they want nothing more than to devour the unwitting. They ooze fumes and small clouds of miasma, leaving twisted earth in their wake. They cannot seem to be killed by normal means only slowed down or moved elsewhere but one piece will eventually join another body or return to its own. Only the fabled "Knights" can truly kill them.
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