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Busy streets filled with the unavoidable white-sound of civilians going about their lives. This area is known for its scattered homes with small plots of land, and much like each district home to multiple apartments. The area also houses the Welcome Hall where anyone new to this world can find information Recreation Center, and a library. There are also numerous small shops, cafes, and other buildings scattered about or crammed along strips.
Waiting out the rain ... >> Warrior of Light >> Jul 18 2018, 04:03 PM
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While you won't find any normal housing here there are plenty of apartments as well as businesses. Though the area is quite large it is filled with tall buildings and businesses tucked away into every corner. Shopping centers are common here as well as eateries aplenty.
Just a moment to breathe ... >> Iris Amicitia >> Yesterday at 11:32 pm
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The western half of the city is well known for being where most of the entertainment is located. Day or night on the town it is always buzzing with life here. Here you will find a small number of apartments, but a large number of attractions from the changing sports stadium, bars,theater and more.
Azure Dragon >> Shimada Genji >> Yesterday at 08:20 pm
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A somewhat more peaceful area of the city and home to a few schools and university, as well as the minors boarding school which serves as a optional housing for those under the age of seventeen. There is also a library located here. Apartments line many of the streets and a shopping strip or two as well as an arcade which is rarely ever empty.
crossroads >> Takashi Shirogane >> Yesterday at 08:32 am
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The southern most area of the city offers much of the same busy streets, but you will find a few nicer areas to visit out here such as the park, a traditional theater and an outdoor market or two. The Adventurer's Guild HQ is also located here and its members often found in the area.
Fountain of Gatherings >> Iris Amicitia >> Jul 16 2018, 04:05 AM
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The city once again spreads out a little and becomes somewhat less crowded. A few more homes line this area and there is a lot of construction as if it is recently being added to. It also contains many warehouses. Also sometimes referred to as the 'water district' due to its many water channels and connection to the docks and shipping channels. So if you like the sea breeze or want a small lakeside home this is the place to visit.
Crimson desires >> Gladiolus Amicitia >> Jul 17 2018, 05:16 AM
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The south-western most reach of the city is divided several feet of river that flows through the city. This area is often known as the military district because it is the main Headquarters for the Salutem Guard. It is carefully patrolled because it is home to the main barracks as well as storage for weaponry. There is also a small jail located here though on the far end away from the warehouses.
I'm a king, a lion lyin... >> Cor Leonis >> Jul 11 2018, 06:41 PM
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A raised area of earth located in the center of the city it stands about half a mile higher than the rest of it. Atop of earth is smoothed out and upon it are built the most important buildings reside such as the president's tower and government buildings both open to the public and non. There are also some very extravagant homes located here though they are also incredibly expensive. Though the land is limited there are still trees and plants scattered among the walkways and small yards.
Words cannot express >> Gladiolus Amicitia >> Jul 17 2018, 04:47 AM

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