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 Straying thoughts in the sunlight, {Open}
Race: Human (Probably)
Age: Forty-Six
Job: Guard Captain - Manus
Series: Final Fantasy XV
OOC: Dust - CST - Offline

Lifeless I live again
the dark stray dog of war
Bright blue splashed with white splotches threatening to consume the sun burning in the distance. Offering some passing glimpses of shade though heatwaves still fumed off the sidewalks and radiated off the dirt. It wasn't often Cor made his way toward the Zygonite mines but when news was sent requesting some aid dealing with a small pack of monsters in the area harassing the miners, it wasn't in him to resist. No one had been badly hurt, a few wounds, and a lot of terrorized workers who weren't used to monsters. Cor often finds himself thinking about the simplicity of the world these people must come from.

The job borders somewhere between guard-duty and that which would normally be charged of the 'hunters' who weren't dissimilar to those back home. Another familiarity int his odd world and another small tug in the direction of lending a hand and skill where needed. Clarus would laugh at the sentimentalist he's become. Regis would be proud at the very least.

Deep breaths, Cor finds his hand at his side magic dancing through his fingertips as he summons Kotetsu from the depths of the King's Power. Drawing the blade as if its weightless it tugs, yanks, dances and splits through the air like a ribbon caught in the wind. Leaving behind a rain of red beads on sunlit green grass. No need for a second call its all lost on a second glimpse Sabertusks lying on the ground at his heels. Sheathed blade, its sheath slammed into the top of one of the monster's heads as it struggled to move. Like flaking glass the marshal's weapon fell out of existence.

Feeling eyes on him the former crownsguard turned cranking his neck to look over his shoulder at the pairs of eyes resting on him a short distance from the mines opening. A few standard guards and many of the miners who looked over the pack of fallen tusked wolf-like monsters. Cor breathed out and began walking over to one of the men who appeared to be in charge. Thanking him, naturally, the man then told the miners to get back to work.

Cor remained, sort of ghosting the area in case there was a second attack or any of the creatures returned with backup. When time seemed to slowly stretch onward without anything out of the ordinary happening the man found himself giving into allowing a small break. Sitting down on a fallen log he stifled a yawn with the sunshine resting on his shoulders. For now he watched the miners and paid closer attention to the wilds around them for any other signs of danger. Mining was hard though the people seemed to be in particularly good moods today at least. Not that Cor had gone inside and did not plan to. It was always cold down there..

Folding his arms and resting his elbows on his knees the older man's attention stretched over the fields. At the very least until he heard movement behind him. Footsteps. "Can I help you?"

I can't feel anything
------------------------ this life has left me cold and damned -----------------------
This wasn't that great and incredibly boring I blame distractions and muse changing halfway through. but, needed some opens x3 I might add some more to this though

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From the amazing Peri~
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