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 The Rules
Race: Birb
Age: 90000
Job: Overlord
Series: Lyfe
OOC: Durst - CST - Offline

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Welcome to Hiraeth


  1. Rating

    We are a mature intermediate to advanced RP. Approximately PG13. Our RPG rating is 3|Lang. 3|Violence. 2|Sexual themes. Fade to black and player discretion is advised.
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  2. Registration

    Use the character's full name and use proper capitalization when registering. Also please follow proper naming conventions for the country/fandom that your character hails from, whether it be First Name Last Name or Last Name First Name. Characters from most anime with Japanese names should be displayed appropriately with their family name first.
  3. OOC Accounts

    These are only for staff. Should a member register with an OOC name, they will be asked to change it within three (3) days.
  4. Respect

    Respect staff and members alike. Everyone is only human. Disrespect, post-pestering, and arguing are not tolerated in any way.
  5. Writing

    Plagiarism of any kind is prohibited, this includes copying and pasting from wiki articles. Roleplay posts should be written in the third person point of view. Spelling and grammar mistakes happen, but if we see too many we will ask you to check your work.
  6. Godmoding

    Do not control other player’s characters without permission.
  7. Claims & Miniprofile

    The claims are mandatory and must be completed within three (3) days after approval. You are also required to fill out your mini profile with all applicable information otherwise claims will not be approved.
  8. Word Count

    Post WC minimum is 250 words. Rapid Fire (RF) replies (i.e. posts with less than 250 words) are allowed in moderation but should not be the majority of posts.
  9. Codes

    The staff can ask you to change post templates or images of any kind if they prove to be illegible, stretch the page, or are for any reason offensive.
  10. Activity Check

    Activity Checks are performed once a month and begin on the 20th and runs until the 25th. Two in-character posts are required per character to pass each activity check, one of which may be a rapid fire post. Communication or tech threads do not apply toward activity checks. Members who do not reply to the check will have their threads archived and claims will be removed.
  11. Characters

    We only allow canon characters from almost any media source or series (anime, manga, books, television, video games, etc), meaning we do not accept original characters. However, due to the setting and environment of the forum, please keep in mind some characters may not be approved. Please refer to the FAQ for banned characters. There is no limit to how many characters each player may claim, however there is a requirement that before you may apply for a new character you must have five (5) in character posts with the character that was most recently approved.
  12. Absences and Inactivity

    We are understanding that real life should always come before roleplay. Even still, it is every member's own responsibility to let us know of any future or unforeseen absences. Please keep in mind that absent notices will only be used to pass (1) activity check every 60 day. Characters and claims will be opened should a member be deemed inactive.
If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to reach out to a staff member! We also have a handy FAQ that may help!
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