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Name Level Group Joined Posts Photo
Adrien Agreste Auram 29-May 18 18
Alphonse Elric Auram 5-July 18 11
Amamiya Ren Praecantius 16-June 18 2
Angela Ziegler* Inactive 18-May 18 23
Arsène Lupin III Praecantius 9-June 18 18
Atreus Auram 1-June 18 55
Connor Invictus 16-June 18 30
Cor Leonis Praecantius 13-June 18 86
Dante Sparda* Inactive 22-May 18 3
Dazai Osamu New Members 27-May 18 1
Dust Admin 18-March 18 75
Ella New Members 18-July 18 1
Garland Mysterium 4-June 18 17
Garrus Vakarian* Inactive 27-May 18 13
Gentiana Mysterium 31-May 18 33
Gladiolus Amicitia Suano 19-May 18 105
Harklight Auram 12-June 18 17
Hyakuya Mikaela Praecantius 25-May 18 11
Hyakuya Yuichiro Suano 1-June 18 20
Ignis Stupeo Scientia Invictus 18-May 18 118
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