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 Rue (WIP), Threads of Fate // DeeVee
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OOC: DeeVee - - Offline

  • Full NameRue
  • Race organic doll
  • Age early teens
  • Gender male
  • Orientation asexual
  • Occupation Miner/Jack-of-all-trades
  • Deity (Member Group) Auram
  • Series Name Threads of Fate
  • Canon Point When Rue was forced to unlock the Book of Cosmos
Appearance: Still a growing boy, Rue stands with a balanced posture at 5'3". His physique is unusual to the average boy; blemishes set into his skin could speak of youthful folly but his muscles and callouses give clue to an intense and laborious lifestyle. Stance is solid due to built up muscles but there is a confidence not a desire to instill fear in the way that he presents himself to others. Thin platinum blonde hair falls almost mid-back when free but is usually kept back in a low ponytail. A sapphire crystal is embedded, in medium toned skin, in the center of his forehead. Gray eyes are void in nature and facial expressions too composed for someone his age.

Rue's dress attire is folksy in nature and well crafted for travel. A circular cap that is brown on the top with a red and green band tops his head. A gold sash tied around his forehead helps to keep both his cap in place and the crystal on his forehead hidden. He wears a basic black shirt with a circular collar that is red at the base. Over his black shirt is a thicker green shirt with a red v design that is outlined in gold at the top. A black and white checkered sash adorns his left shoulder. Green shorts end just above his knees with a red band near the bottom that is outlined underneath in gold. He wears two-toned stockings that are black and thinner at the top then become white and thicker with big stitches on both sides of his legs. His boots are thick for travelling and nonconforming in appearance. The right boot has chestnut colored leather with vertical groves all around that guard his shin and ankle which overlap black leather that covers his feet and a chocolate colored leather belt helps fortify the sole of his dominate foot. Since he attacks with his right side and defends on the left his right boot does not have a shin guard and instead the loose chestnut colored leather flares near his ankles and continues into one fully fleshed out boot with a chocolate colored leather belt that keeps the thin leather in place at his ankle. The soles of his boots are pale brown and the groves quite worn from his travels.

Over his folksy attire he is decently armored, in all brown leather, for adventuring. Two belts sling across his right shoulder just above the checkered sash for protection. Thick shoulder guards are reinforced with buckles at the joints, for mobility adjustments, and given horizontal slits for breathing room. He is fully gloved on his, dominate, right hand with a forearm guard that is buckled near the wrist for reinforcement and making adjustments. His left hand is cloth based with a black fingerless glove that melds into a creamy colored forearm guard, outlined on either ends with red bands, and thin stitches on either side; very reminiscent of his white stockings but dirtier in appearance. A heavy belt, with three small bags on either side of his hips and the small of his back, keeps his lower back reinforced to be able to wield his weapon of choice; the arc edge. His arc edge is a unique looking axe, almost key-like in appearance, that he wields with the strength of being a farm boy but also with the help of his heavy belt and forearm guard. The arc edge is gray with red trimming in the middle and teeth of the handle with a silver blade that extends into an arc at the other end with slits. When the axe is not being wielded a strap on the opposite side of the blade is secured around his chest.

Weapons & Abilities

Arc Edge: An axe blade that looks a bit too heavy for someone his age to be handling but he seems to swing it around with relative ease.

Transfomation: He can transform into four different beast or monster type creatures after having slain it and use their abilities. Unique or gigantic creatures he can transform into only by their permission and with their essence. (Examples are Gorotan and Wylaf in game).

Dewprism fragment: Rue was artificially made by a fragment of the Dewprism. His powers are somewhat dormant as he was never properly trained to use his powers but they seemed to be triggered under extremely stressful situations. When under stress, the crystal activates, multiple golden arcs swirl around him. It seems to boost him physically after it dissipates for a short period of time. It also has the ability to absorb souls, activate/unlock the magical properties of relics or destroy them.

Jack-of-all-trades: Living on a farm sometimes you have to figure out solutions to problems on your own as there are no next door neighbors nearby to assist when times get hard. Rue lived out in the boonies where the nearest town could take a day or two to get to depending on the weather. He can hunt, farm, repair farm equipment, knows basic carpentry and has great survival skills.

Weaknesses & Flaws

Claire: She found him collapsed in the snow in the middle of the night so many years ago and has been his guardian/sister ever since until she was killed by a man named Doll Master. He was so desperate to save her that he was willing to unlock a relic that could potentially destroy the world in hopes that it would revive her. Also, when Mode Master took her form, despite knowing she did so, he could not bring himself to strike her down with his Arc Edge.

Amnesiac: He can't remember his life before he awoke nearly 6 years ago so he doesn't know his purpose or how to completely use his powers.

Artificially made: In a way this is a strength but on the flip side a weakness since he can be manipulated to a degree. All dolls created by the Aeons of the past were obedient to a fault because they were raised and essentially programmed this way. Rue is who is because of Claire but he's still young and doesn't know all the answers and sometimes comes to bad conclusions; like not caring about destroying the world for Claire's sake.

Magic Users: Doll Master was able to force Rue to use his powers to unlock the Book of Cosmos. In theory, if someone had dominion over the power of crystals they could force Rue to use his powers for their gain or they could seal his powers to prevent him from using them.

  • ooc name DeeVee
  • pronouns she/her
  • timezone est
  • contact pm
Race: Neko
Age: Twenty-Seven
Job: Site Overlord
OOC: KittyCatKilala - Standard Pacific - Offline


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