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 By the light of the crystal, {Final Fantasy XV}
Race: Human
Age: Twenty-Three
Job: TBA
Series: Final Fantasy XV
OOC: Dust - CST - Offline


Clarus Amicitia

I have too many fudgeing feelings about 'dad squad' honestly and while Clarus would need quite a bit of head canon peri and i probably have enough to write a gad dang book if you're interested. none the less I would LOVE to see an Amicitian family reunion not to mention just the bro feels for Regis and Cor It hurts so much ok... I would probably give you my first born ok. And hey i know its unlikely but he couldn't NOT be on the list. Im sure Ignis also has a lot of respect for the man.

Ardyn Izunia

Garbage king. Ignis has some very strong feelings toward Ardyn right now? That aside he's just a great character and why not add him to the list. Someone has to terrorize the city at some point and Ardyn might be a good choice for later site-plot ideas as well. Just conflict really. I would like to see him be played. Stir up some emotion in the bros, or really anyone he meets another one of the characters i might have alternatively considered at one time. Drama, angst, regret, many things.

Ravus Fleuret

Because Ravus deserves better? Honestly if i did not have Ignis he would be one of my other considerations. I just really like the character and would like to see him get a chance at development plus some drama and heck maybe some happiness in this world. He and Ignis also play really well off of one another in my opinion and I would always like to see them have the chance to sort of become better friends or something. We also have a Lunafreya so I am sure she would be happy to see him as well.

Aranea Highwind

She's awesome okay what more is there to say about it? I think she and Ignis get along pretty well. In this world she miiight take up a guard position considering they're less corrupt than the empire, maybe maybe not? She's just a really great character we would love to see around hang out with the rest of these nerds

Nyx Ulric

I thought Nyx was cool? sort of your typical cocky cool-guy main character but hey loyal and he and Ignis can probably sit and mull over a few things together not to mention Cor would probably thank him for his sacrifice? Could also probably pass as a guard or something in this world or heck just enjoy life.

Cid Sophiar

Mostly for Cor because dad-squad but Ignis also greatly respects the man and who wouldn't want grandpa around? I have a lot of headcanons about Cor and Cid probably not getting along half the time during their travel around Eos and Cor being an absolute little sh*t to the guy. But I'd just really love to see them get along in the now as well.

Weskham Armaugh

Another character who needs a lot of head canoning and again mostly for Cor but Ignis also probably appreciates the guy. Another part of 'dad squad' when they roamed Eos when Regis was young. It would be fun to flesh him out and see what kind of ideas could come of it. plus more past threads.

Titus Drautos

Another character everyone hates? But like hear me out... I'd really like to see Titus and Cor meet and everyone in Salutem trying to stop Cor from strangling him to death? It'd be great! Honestly though I have a LOT of feeling because (like every other freaking person) trusted this guy with Regis' life and well... WELL ya know. Plus they were both the lead of their guard and they were PROBABLY friends once? A lot of people ship them annnnd not sure how i feel about that? totally down for some angst and probably just Cor ready to kill him regardless how things were. How dare you...


¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Again, for Cor. and sort of a honorable mention? Why not? Not that you're going to get your arm back. Sorry not sorry.

Cindy Aurum


Crowe Altius


Libertus Ostium


Talcott Hester

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