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 Analyzing the Signs, CLOSED for Adrien
Race: Android
Age: 1.5
Job: Art Teacher
Series: Detroit Become Human
OOC: Signe - Eastern Standard Time - Offline

Markus truly enjoyed his job. He loved working with colors and canvases, and he loved guiding students the way Carl once guided him. The resistance held meaning for him, but creating art and teaching others to do the same connected him back to Detroit in this land that was so very different. He tried to get to know each of his students, not just as his students, but individually as well. Which is why whenever any one of his students seemed a little off or his analysis indicated that they were struggling, either in or out of class, he could offer help or at the very least an ear willing to listen.

He hadn’t been here long, but he had already seen so many students going through far too much. Today in particular, Adrien caught his eye. Adrien was always a bright, model student, but today there was something wrong. He seemed more tired than usual, his clothes a little less pristine, and hair a bit messy. Overall, it was hardly noticeable. Most humans would probably dismiss such small signs, if they noticed them at all. Markus couldn’t ignore it though, and the more he thought about it, the more he realized that there were moments Adrien had been acting strangely in class. Nothing out of the ordinary, but analyzing him today in combination with past behavior… it all seemed to be a puzzle Markus didn’t quite have the answer to.

So he decided the fastest way to find out would be to ask. ”Alright, class dismissed. Remember to think about your projects for next week and pick your portrait partners,” Markus said before trying to catch Adrien’s gaze as he continued. ”Adrien? A moment?” It wasn’t the most subtle way to keep Adrien from walking out the door with his friends, and he was sure the poor boy would be questioned later, but Markus couldn’t live with himself if something was wrong and he said nothing.

He waited until the last student slipped out of the classroom, closing the door behind them before returning to his desk. He looked over Adrien quickly again, and now that he was closer, Markus could see the signs were still there. He had been told by some students that he could be intimidating with how little he smiled, but this could have been serious- a smile hardly seemed necessary. ”Adrien, is everything okay? Are you having any trouble at home?” Markus asked, tilting his head, ”You have seemed a bit off lately. Too many late nights, perhaps?”




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