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 Open Threads
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Open Threads

    Looking for a thread to jump into? Or perhaps you've got one that needs a couple of extra people? Well, look no more! Please fill out the form below (*removing the asterisks*) so that the staff can add your open to the list!

    This thread will be checked regularly by staff and threads will be removed should the original poster's requirements be fulfilled!


    Character Name: Yuichiro Hyakuya
    Thread Link: Unexpected Encounter
    Extra: Mostly just Yuu going out for a stroll in the park when he is suddenly startled by something or someone hidden in the bushes. Aim is for one person to become his friend, maybe?

    Character Name: Gentiana
    Thread Link: Everyone needs a little help
    Extra: Gentiana feeding a homeless boy in Lumen with Umbra close by. You can go with this however you want. Either having seen what she did or perhaps it being trouble that your character comes to help with or whatever. I'm open to anything! Open to 1-2 others.

    Character Name: Prompto Argentum
    Thread Link: Reaching Out
    Extra: Can be one person. Mainly Prompto trying to help out someone like he usually tends to do. Nothing extravagant, just an attempt to make some friends since he's been far too engrossed in his job. Boy needs to get out more.

    Character Name: Ignis Scientia
    Thread Link: Highs and Lows
    Extra: Fired from his job Ignis takes a little time to sit and collect his thoughts and try to just relax as the world caves in. Join him for a sit on a bench or gods bring him a coffee that'd be great.

    Character Name: Cor Leonis
    Thread Link: Straying thoughts
    Extra: The marshal helps deal with some monsters bothering the miners out in the wilderness. He decides to stick around for a little while to make sure no more problems show up but stops to relax a moment in the sunshine and enjoy the scenery for a while. Why not join him?

    Character Name: Nicholas D Wolfwood
    Thread Link: Wasing the Night away
    Extra: A simple thread. Wolfwood grumbles at some people then sits down for a drink....or few. anyone want to get wasted?

    Character Name: Naruto Uzumaki.
    Thread Link: kiss from a rose
    Extra: AU Romeo and Juliet type thread. Can be either gender, not picky. It can be fantasy like too if you want. Medieval stuff, knights, princesses, dragons, etc. This is a one on one thread, though.

    [code*][b]Character Name:[/b] Name of your character here.<br> [b]Thread Link:[/b] [url=linkhere]Thread title[/url]<br> [b]Extra:[/b] Maybe a brief description here? Or please include how many people you're looking for (1, 2, etc?)<p>[/code*]
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