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 Moderation Requests, + Archiving, etc.
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Moderation Requests

Please reply to this thread to notify the staff should you require any of the following:
  1. Dropping a Character

    If you are dropping a character, please post using the appropriate character account and include links to any threads for archival. This includes applications, plotters, dev pages, etc! Characters that are dropped will be moved to the inactive group, claims will be removed, and account names will be changed.
  2. Taking Back a Character

    Should you be deemed inactive or wish to revive a character from the archives, indicate the character and any relevant threads that you also wish to be retrieved. Staff will move them back into appropriate forums. Keep our rules for reclaiming characters into consideration, as we have a three strike rule for inactivity. When retaking a character it is up to you to redo your claims. Claims must be recompleted within 3 days of retrieval.
  3. Want a Thread Archived/Unarchived

    If possible link the thread that you want archived. Or, if you're looking to retrieve a thread from the archives, indicate which thread and the board to which it belongs.
  4. Need Any Staff Assistance

    Should you have any special moderation requests staff will do their best to accommodate them. Also, should you have any questions or need assistance then we are here to help you!
  5. DO NOT post here to notify the staff that your application is completed and ready for application review.

    Should you complete a work in progress (wip) app, please remove the wip tag and bump the thread yourself. Staff will get to it as soon as possible.

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