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 The Deities, Member Groups
Race: Birb
Age: 90000
Job: Overlord
Series: Lyfe
OOC: Durst - CST - Offline

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The Deities

Strangers from other worlds are drawn into this one by one of the following deities. The main five draw in people based upon particular personalities. While drawn in by each of these deities the people chosen by them are in no way forced to worship them, but it does seem to hold some meaning to have been chosen by one over another. Choose the deity which is best suited for your character. Each is also marked by their deity on the inside of their wrist.

Kindness, light, loyalty, and emotional strength. Auram is the deity that chooses those who are gentle and compassionate. Not to be mistaken with weakness however people chosen by this deity are often strong in their own right. She is most commonly represented as a lion with dove's wings and her realm is the sky and clouds. Auram's familiars are doves, red and bluebirds.

The Mark of Auram

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Strong, spirited, charismatic, passionate, and sometimes even aggressive; these are descriptors of the people chosen by Suano a deity of inner-fire and strength. The heroes, the leaders, the warriors of their respective worlds—they are often powerful and outspoken. This deity is represented by fire and oftentimes a dragon. His realm is a endless sea of golden sand, and his familiars are dragon-kind.

The Mark of Suano

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Intelligence, order, thirst for knowledge, and helpfulness. Invictus chooses those who often focus on mind over physical power or heart. They are individuals who are often quick and earnest to learn or offer law and order. As a god of the wise, he is often viewed as a sagely old grandfather-like figure. His realm is a tower reaching beyond the heavens filled with a boundless library of books. Owls or cats often do his bidding.

The Mark of Invictus

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The mysterious, shadowed, and unsure. Mysterium draws in those who do not always have a clear goal in mind, those who wander and walk uncharted paths. Beings who keep their feelings close to their chest but may also be master manipulators, sometimes they lose themselves to a more chaotic nature and find themselves entangled within her web. Mysterium is thus viewed as a spider-like but beautiful woman on a complicated glistening silver web. Her realm is a dead forest. Spiders, bats, and snakes serve as her familiars.

The Mark of Mysterium

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The anti-hero, joker, neutral, wanderer; these people who often do what they wish on a whim and aren't tied down to one particular emotion. Still, Praecantius drags them into this world as his own. They are free and oftentimes difficult to judge for good or bad. Praecantius is happy to give them all the freedom they need. His likeness if often compared to a wolf. His realm is the night sky and his familiars are all hound-like.

The Mark of Praecantius

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(Staff Approval & Auditions)

Often referred to as 'the knights' are in truth Viterus' chosen. Though these knights are chosen after someone has been pulled to this world for a particular aspect that she feels will aid in the battle against the Lost. They are the heroes and healers willing to fight but are not forced to. Vitreus herself is one of the youngest deities and is often associated with balance and protection. She is thought of as a young woman with changing hair color, a shield wielded closely in one hand and a scale in the other. Her realm is thought to be this world. She does not bring people here, only chooses to knight them once they are.
More information.

The Mark of Vitreus

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(Currently Unavailable)

Also known as the 'Lost' are those corrupted by the miasma. Monsters and people alike who have almost completely lost their original forms and minds becoming immortally trapped in oozing physical prisons of their former selves. They can only be defeated by the chosen of Vitreus and currently any with their mind intact are not heard of. There is not much known of Vintium himself or why he spreads the Miasma, but he is also rumored to be Vitreus' twin.

The Mark of Vintium

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